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Workshop on catastrophic events related to cryptography and their possible solutions


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Committees (from 2014)

There are three commitees:
- the steering committee: people pushing the idea that such catastrophic events are possible and giving here their names for that,
- the executive steering committee: people from the steering committee commited to actively acting for these workshops,
- the program committee: people from the steering committee and external people acting for a nice workshop for this year.

The following persons accepted to be on the steering committee of CATACRYPT and other ones will be added:

Whit Diffie (Cryptomatic)
Martin Hellman  (Stanford)
Ralph Merkle
Ron Rivest  (MIT), honorary, former member
Charles Bennett  (IBM Research)
Tom Berson  (Anagram Labs)
Jon Callas  (silent circle)
Andy Clark (Primary Key Associates)
Yvo Desmedt  (UDallas)
Yves Deswarte  (LAAS): in memoriam
Eric Diehl  (Sony)
Louis Guillou
Susil Jajodia  (GMU)
Burt Kaliski  (Verisign)
Dick Kemmerer  (UCSB)
Neil Koblitz  (UWashington)
Nancy Leveson (MIT)
Benoīt Macq  (UCLouvain)
Peter Neumann  (SRI, comp.risks)
Christof Paar  (UBochum)
Pascal Paillier  (CryptoExperts)
Kenny Paterson (RHUL)
Jean-Jacques Quisquater  (UCLouvain): acting chair (end 2017)
Brian Randell  (Newcastle),
honorary, former member
Hovav Shacham  (UCSD)
Gene Spafford  (CERIAS, Purdue)
Hans van Tilburg  (Visa Labs)
Mathias Wagner  (NXP)
Moti Yung  (Google)
To be completed

Program committee

Jon Callas  (silent circle)
Yvo Desmedt  (UDallas)
Jean-François Geneste (Airbus)
Burt Kaliski  (Verisign)
Peter Neumann  (SRI, comp.risks)
Jean-Jacques Quisquater  (UCLouvain): acting chair

Moti Yung  (Google)