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Saturday April 29,  2017
Paris,  France

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Third  Workshop  on

affiliated event to  EUROCRYPT

catastrophic events related to CRYPTography

and security with their possible solutions


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A workshop about catastrophic events related to cryptography and security. And their prevention, detection, recovery, solutions ...
It is the third event: the first one was in San Francisco (2014), the second one was in Florence, Italy (2015) and this one is very promising organized together with EUROCRYPT (from IACR) as an affiliated event.

The main point is: many cryptographic protocols are only based on the security of one cryptographic algorithm (e.g. RSA) and  we don't know the exact RSA security (including Ron Rivest). What if somebody finds a  clever and fast factoring algorithm? Well, it is indeed an hypothesis but we know several  instances of possible progress. A new fast algorithm is a possible catastroph if not handled  properly. And there are other problems with hash functions, elliptic curves, aso. Think also about the Heartbleed bug (April 2014, see the discovery was very late and we were close to a catastrophic situation.

So we are thinking about a regular workshop, the name is cataCRYPT, about these possible problems and their solutions. It includes problems with cryptographic algorithms, protocols, PKI, DRM, TLS-SSL, smart cards, RSA dongles, MIFARE, aso. Quantum computing, resilience and agility are also on the program.

The workshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners working in cryptography and security, from academia and industry. A large committee including many founders of the main concepts of public-key cryptography is pushing this important topic.


The workshop will consist of invited and keynote presentations, full papers, informal contributions, panels, research in progress and discussions.

Keynote Speaker: TBA

Invited talks: TBA

Final panel:


The workshop chair is Jean-Jacques Quisquater (UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) with other people (TBC).